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Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing is often referre to as HealthShare’s, healthcare sharing ministry, and by a few other titiles. At it’s core, it is alternative way to effectively reduce ones overall health care expenses by replacing the need for health insurance. Designed for those who are healthier, a HealthShare will offer a significant lower monthly cost and often out-of-pocket expenses as compared to traditional health insurance. Each community below is unique, and offers a variety of options that can be customized to fit a members needs. We have provided a centralized location for perspective members to compare the different community’s that are available.

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Medical Cost Sharing Universal Highlights: (Some medical cost sharing communities can differ)
  • Teladoc or 24/7 virtual doctor included with membership
  • Available and offered in all 50 states
  • Enroll all year long, No open enrollments
  • Lower cost alternative to traditional medical insurance
  • Medical cost sharing is NOT INSURANCE nor is it offered by insurance company’s
  • Limits & exclusions on pre-existing conditions
  • Best fit for those without serious pre-existing or chronic conditions
  • Compatable with “Direct Primary Care” membership for complete healthcare solution
Zion Health (Visit) provides an organized way to share in one another’s medical burdens.  Medical cost sharing is not a new concept but a proven and effective alternative to health insurance. For employers looking to add Zion Health (Visit) their Essential membership page.

Zion Health offers 2 simple membership types that include a $1,000 IUA, $2,500 IUA and $5,000 IUA. The Direct membership is design for individuals and families while the Essential membership can offer customization for employer’s and direct primary care members. The IUA is the initial unsharable amount that is paid by members before medical bills are shared with the community.

Highlights: Rating 9/10

  • No lifetime or annual sharing limits
  • World wide coverage
  • Simple online application and approval process
  • $10,000 end of life planning
  • No Networks see an provider
  • Work well in conjunction with Direct Primary Care memberships
  • No Religious requirements
  • $50 monthly charge per household if any members uses tobacco
  • Pre-existing coverage phased in years 1-4 of membership up to $125,00 maximum
  • Quick needs processing & works directly with providers. Claims paid in 5-7 businesses days.

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Also known as, Christiancare Ministries (Visit). The affordable, biblical alternative to health insurance. Medi-Share is a community of Christians who have agreed to live as the early church (Acts 2 & 4) when it comes to sharing each other’s burdens. Members share each other’s eligible medical bills and, most importantly, encourage and lift one another up in prayer.

With affordable options for individuals, families, and even seniors, it’s worth checking out. There’s even a group program for churches and Christian employers.

Medi-Share is built on a foundation of like ideals agreed upon by our members.

Our membership is made up of Christ-followers who agree with the Statement of Faith.

Highlights: Rating 7/10

  • Christian Organization
  • No member may use tobacco
  • Founded in 1981
  • Additional cost or membership denial for health risks such as being overweight
  • AHP (Annual Household portion) is the amount members must pay before medical bills are shared with the community
  • AHP options $1,000-$10,500
  • Uses Mutliplan PPO network of providers
  • Members must open separate bank account designated by CCM upon enrollment
  • Often members need to be reimbursed and negotiate with providers

Member Guidelines

Individuals, couples, families, churches, and organizations contribute care for one another. Altrua uses MRA (Member responsibility amount) to describe the amount a member must pay before needs are shared with the healthshare community.

Members that enroll directly with Altrua have options of Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby memberships (Visit).

Highlights: Rating 7/10

  • Plans limit $1,000,000 in lifetime needs (Unless extra coverage is added)
  • Cancer sharing limitations
  • Limitations to sharing in first 90 days of membership
  • Limits and exclusions for maternity
  • PPO Multiplan network of providers
  • Doctor visits limited to $350 in total to be shared with the community
  • Tobacco use not eligible for coverage
  • High member service complaints
  • Good Technology and phone app
* Out of business- As of 2019 Aliera received notices to cease and desist in several states. They have rebranded and are again offering plans through “Ensurian” and “Trinitycare”.

Rating 0/10

The members of our healthcare sharing programs don’t only share medical expenses—they also share a commitment to Christian principles and values.

As a like-minded community of health-conscious individuals and families, we support each other in times of need, taking seriously the biblical command found in Hebrews 13:16 to do good and share with others. Principles

Liberty HealthShare is a leader in the growing field of healthcare sharing ministries that offer a different approach to paying for medical care.

Members make an affordable monthly contribution online, which is matched to a medical need within the group. Our large, geographically diverse community commits to supporting each other’s medical expenses after a low annual threshold is met.

Liberty HealthShare (Visit) offers four different programs to fit members with different resources and circumstances. Compare programs

Highlights: Rating 4/10

  • Limit $125,000 or $1,000,000 sharable per incident
  • Simple pricing and membership options
  • Limits on coverage first 60 days of membership
  • Increase to rates fall of 2020
  • AUA (Annual Unsharable Amount) must be met before needs are shared with the community
  • Monthly share amount assigned by each member to other members in the community to share in one another’s needs
  • Provides end of life financial assistance
  • Currently lots of members complaints about needs processing and phone answering
  • Most instances members need to be reimbursed for services
  • Members are saying reimbursements may take up to 10 months
OneShare (formally Kingdom, Aliera, Trinity, Ensurian) (Visit) HealthShare exists to bless others. Three categories of plans to choose from that include,  Catastrophic,  Classic, and Complete. In total OneShare offers 7 plan choices for families of all sizes.

Highlights: Rating 5/10

  • Multiplan PPO network of providers
  • ISA (Individual Sharing Amount) is the amount members pay before needs are eligible for sharing
  • Life-time sharing maximum of $1,000,000
  • $60 monthly charge per household if any member uses tobacco
  • No online enrollment must call by phone or enroll with an agent
  • $125 application fee waived if moving from approved healthshare community
  • Plan design looks and feels like traditional insurance with lots of different copay’s and coinsurance for specific services
  • Looks to be built from the legacy of Aliera which ran into legal troubles
  • Pays high commissions to brokers therefore has higher monthly contributions than other healthshare options
  • Claims to have a legacy through Aliera and therefore meets the individual mandate for ACA compliance

Health care sharing with Samaritan Ministries (Visit) connects the Body of Christ throughout the nation to help each other with their health care costs. Using a direct health care sharing model, our members have experienced a Biblical and affordable option for their health care needs.

After receiving medical care, the process of getting shares from other members can be started right away and usually takes between sixty to ninety days:

Two membership levels, Samaritan Classic and Samaritan Basic

Hightlights: Rating 6/10

  • A members monthly share amount is sent directly to other members for medical needs
  • Stringent pre-existing conditions guidelines
  • No networks, members can use any provider
  • Strict religious requirements 
  • Charges a $200 “start-up administrative fee
  • No networks, members can work with any provider
  • The members, NOT the board, get to vote on increases or decreases in the monthly share cost
  • Members pay up to $300 then Samaritan shares 100% up to $250,000 per need. There is a way to contribute and increase that maximum for more $$$ with their “Save to Share” program


In order to become and remain a Sharing Member, the following criteria must be met: Maintain a Catholic/Christian Lifestyle (Visit).

Solidarity HealthShare has three program options.

Highlights: Rating 8/10

  • Solidarity HealthShare Premier -Solidarity HealthShare Premier is our most comprehensive program, allowing Members to share eligible medical expenses up to $1 million per incident per year.
  • Solidarity HealthShare Plus allows Members to share eligible medical expenses up to $125,000 per incident per year.
  • Solidarity HealthShare Primary allows Members to share 70% of eligible medical expenses up to $125,000 per incident per year.

Member Guidelines

CHM is one of the oldest and most popular health sharing ministries in the United States (Visit) .

Highlights: Rating 7/10

  • Religious Based
  • No sharing for alternative medical treatment
  • Three plans, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Brothers Keeper add-on for additional cost and coverage
  • There are not any medical tests or physical evaluations required in order to join Christian Healthcare Ministries.
  • Most plans having sharing limits
  • Can be offered though a business as employee benefits
  • To be CHM members, participating adults must be Christians living by biblical principles, including abstaining from the use of tobacco and the illegal use of drugs (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), following biblical teaching on the use of alcohol, and attending group worship regularly if health permits (Hebrews 10:25). There are no restrictions based on age, weight, geographic location or health history
  • Christian Healthcare Ministries uses a unit system. A unit is a participating individual within a membership. A single person is one unit, a married couple is two units (any two individuals must be two units), and a family is three units, regardless of the number of dependent children. Different units may participate in different programs (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

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