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Medical Cost Sharing

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Also known as HealthShares, medical cost sharing is an effective way to reduce ones overall health care expenses. Designed for those who are healthier, a HealthShare will offer lower monthly costs and often out-of-pocket expenses as compared to traditional health insurance options. Each plan below is unique and offers a variety of options that can be customized to fit a members needs. These non-profit organizations offer unique coverage available in ALL 50 STATES!

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Each company has its "member guidelines" that will provide a great outline for prospective members to review. By clicking the "Learn More" links below you can view rates, plan details, member guidelines, and sign up for coverage for that particular HealthShare.

Learn More Zion Health provides an organized way to share in one another’s medical burdens.  Medical cost sharing is not a new concept but a proven and effective alternative to health insurance.

Learn More The affordable, biblical alternative to health insurance.

Learn More A welcome solution to traditional health care

Learn More Welcome to a new era of health care choices

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